How to get your favorite KPOP items today and pay later (No extra fees)

Hey- Noona here!


I think you'll agree with me when I say:


It's REALLY hard to buy KPOP merch.


KPOP merch can be expensive on our pockets, especially if we're getting paid monthly.


Or is it?


Well, it turns out you can pay for your favorite KPOP merch over time with NO fees & NO catch!


Sound too good to be true?


Well, today, we're going to show you our revolutionary payment method and how to use it today to buy now and pay later!

What is Klarna?


Klarna was founded in 2005 with the goal in helping people pay for the things they want easier.


To date, Klarna has over 60 million consumers and over 130,000 businesses worldwide using their services!


Klarna allows you to split your purchase into 4 equal payments if your order is between $35 and $1000.


These payments will automatically be charged on your debit or credit card every two weeks.


There is no interest, no fees, and no catch.


It’s that easy!


Let me show you how it works!

Easy as 1,2,3!


For this example we have added three items to our cart.


Our total is $170 USD.



Select "Go To Checkout" and fill out your contact information and select the shipping option.


Once you arrive at the payment option, select "Slice it. Pay over time with Klarna."



Select "Complete Order."


You will be redirected to Klarna's checkout system where you will see a visual representation of your total sliced into 4 payments every two weeks.


You have the option of using a debit or credit card as a payment option here.


That's it!


You will be billed the first payment once we ship your purchase and every two weeks thereafter until the 6th week.


What are 4 interest-free installments from Klarna?

4 interest-free installments allow you to split purchases between $35 and $1000 into 4 equal payments automatically charged to your debit or credit card every 2 weeks. There is no interest, no fees, and no catch. It’s that easy.

Is there a cost for paying in 4 interest-free installments?

Lunar Noona pays a fee for using Klarna. There are no added costs or fees for you when using this payment option.

Is there a late fee for 4 interest-free installments?

Klarna doesn't charge any late fees with 4 interest-free installments, but if they are unable to charge a biweekly payment, you may be blocked from using Klarna payment options in the future. To keep you in the loop, Klarna will send you an email notification if your payment was unsuccessful.

How do I sign up for 4 interest-free installments?

There’s no sign up required! If your order is eligible to pay in 4 interest-free installments, the option will be presented at checkout. Simply choose 4 interest-free installments as your payment method at checkout and enter your credit or debit card information. This is the card Klarna will use for your scheduled automatic payments.

Ready? Buy today and pay later!

You've read about Klarna and how it works. Now it's time to use Klarna for yourself.


Buy today and pay later! 💜👇🏻

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